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Move More in 2016

Photo by Gemma Thorpe.

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Instead of spending the next few months on a fad diet or paying for a gym membership you’ll never use, why not do something free and achievable with your whole family, friends or partner, and start walking more in 2016.

Sheffield's ambition is to become the most active city in the UK by 2020, by encouraging everyone to Move More. Take a look at the campaign's activity finder to find something that suits you best. In there, you'll discover regular, free health walks all over the city. Each health walk is gentle enough that you won't need walking boots, lets you go at your own pace and lasts no longer than an hour. It's also a great way of meeting new people in the area.

On top of Move More's health walks, we have plenty of other ideas to help motivate you to get out on foot in Sheffield this year.

Whether you want to turn your exercise routine into a social occasion or are looking to explore the countryside around Sheffield, you can join one of the city's many walking groups. Groups are suited to different age ranges and difficulty levels, so age and ability are no excuses not to sign up!

In the recent short documentary Sheffield Another Angle, Etienne Soubes Goldman says: “In Sheffield we are very fortunate to have an almost unparalleled access to nature. If you explore this city, you may be surprised by what you find.” With so many parks – from Norfolk Park and the Cholera Monument grounds to Endcliffe Park to the Botanical Gardens – and with the surrounding Peak District, Sheffield is bursting with wildlife: another reason to get out and get moving. As Etienne puts it: “It’s very easy in city life to sit on our sofas and watch David Attenborough talk about animals thousands of miles away. As beautiful as those animals are, we often forget the beauty in our very own gardens.”

A walk in the Peaks is an ideal day trip. Just minutes from Sheffield by train you'll find the beautiful villages of Hathersage and Grindleford, where the whole family can enjoy a scenic stroll along woodland streams, with a great cafe stop on the way. If urban architecture and culture is more your thing, join Marcus Newton a for a city walking tour. This gentle walk will take you through streets retaining their medieval footprint, show you the city centre's main attractions – theatres, the exquisite Georgian quarter, cathedrals – and reveal a few hidden gems along the way.

If you really can’t find the time to join a club or to spend a day in the Peaks, you can always incorporate walking into your daily commute. Walking a mile a day burns 100 calories – not to mention how good it'll make you feel, how much you'll save on transport, and all the time it'll give you to plug in headphones and catch up on podcasts or new music.

Go on – get moving, and help Sheffield achieve its aim of becoming the most active city.

Written by Sarah Malone



Useful links: For more tips on getting active in Sheffield, take a look at Move More.

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