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Click's Carton Cage

Have you ever set off on a bike ride and wished your favourite carton of juice could come along with you? Dan Taylor and Luke Lunde-Pickover have, and it got them thinking…

Dan and Luke met whilst studying product design at Sheffield Hallam University, and founded Click Industrial Design in 2009. Dedicated to putting the user first, they’ve come up with some great, simple ideas for products aimed at enhancing our daily pursuits. One design in particular has been catching the road cyclist’s attention recently, and that’s the Carton Cage: perfectly shaped for fitting a carton, it’s a juice-loving cyclist’s dream.

As the duo explain, the product came as the happy result of what began as a “learning exercise.” They set themselves the task of manufacturing a simple bike accessory, initially hoping to learn more about the challenges their clients face when taking a product to market. “The idea came when we were out riding one afternoon,” says Dan. “Luke had a juice carton but nowhere to put it! The Carton Cage fit the bill as it was relatively simple to design and could be manufactured at a competitive price in the UK.”

The Carton Cage is now being shipped out from Click’s Sheffield studio to such far flung places as Japan. Closer to home, you can kit your bike out for a juice-fuelled ride from Made North.

Written by Glenn Thornley


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